Who We Are --


The Children of the Sun is a group of individuals who wish to study the old ways of pre-Columbian Native Americans.  Our focus is temple mound cultures - Native American cultural societies that flourished prior to 1492.  Through their religion, symbols, mathematics, astronomy, agriculture, and art, one can see our ancestors had reached a high level of culture. It would be ashamed if these cultures would be forgotten which is what has happened to so many. Our name has been chosen to honor those who came before us and passed on their culture.  Therefore, our objective is to study and learn the pre-Columbian society and to share that knowledge without any New Age additions, concessions or combining of various teachings to suit any one individual needs.

Our Native American ancestors created great trade routes and shared much more than the trade of goods.  They shared knowledge, crafts and beliefs which can be seen through agriculture, archaeological artifacts showing the same symbols, and the myths of numerous nations that bear many similarities to one another.  It is through these practices and beliefs that we seek to study and learn the old ways which has a shared ancestry with many of the present-day nations and tribes.

Our group is NOT federally recognized, nor do we seek federal recognition. The Temple Mound Culture ranged from Canada to South America, from East of the Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean. This encompassed many different nations as is our membership. We are a diversity of people. Our members range from those who are full blood American Indians, belonging to federally-recognized tribes, to those who have no Native American ancestry. The one thing we all have in common is the desire to study and learn the culture of the pre-Columbian peoples.

Please note that there are NO membership fees. The knowledge contained in this site which is shared by our members are (and has always been) free. No one will be allowed to buy and sell ANY ORIGINAL ARTIFACTS through this site. The cost of maintaining this web site is paid for through private funds and donations.

Everyone needs to understand that this is NOT a way to "become an Indian" we can not change your ancestory or your genetics. Joining this group is NOT the way to join any of the Native American Tribes that exist today or in antiquity. It is simply to study the people who lived before 1492. This also is NO way to become a Native American spiritualist, or 'shaman' for it is our belief you CAN NOT teach spirituality on the computer.




                       Cahokia, Illinois, circa 1100 AD 



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