One of Our Teachers


One of our Native American teachers is Al 'Climber' Cortez, who was taught the old traditions by his elders. He has worked with medicine people, elders and chiefs of many different nations.  Additionally, he has lectured for over forty years at various colleges, universities, public schools, museums, and also the United States Army.

Climber, as he perfers to be called, has been featured in numerous newspaper articles for his Native American lectures and living history exhibits, as well as appearing as a special guest on a broadcast of Georgia Public Television. Over the years he has also appeared on many television shows concerning Native American Issues. A skilled artisan in many media, Climber has created many museum-quality replicas of artifacts in shell, stone, bone, copper, gourds, fiber, buckskin, beading, and full regalia (both men and women's) authentic in details from different time periods. This includes pre-Columbian regalia. His portfolio of letters of thanks dates back to the early 1970's which includes many letters, pictures, and newspaper articles and is very impressive. In 1983 he  worked with Patty Duke and others on a CBS movie of the week.

Climber's work is known internationally. His authentic reproductions of artifacts can be seen in places and countries such as Australia, Canada, Chile, England, Haiti, Hong Kong, Honduras, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Singapore and Spain. His work also appears in most states including Alaska and Hawaii. 

As per the teachings of his elders, Climber does not believe that knowledge should be bought or sold. Following this belief, all of the teachings are offered to the members of our group at no cost. The buying or selling of original artifacts on this web site is prohibited.                             

     By - Tsiskwa Svnoyi Usdi  & Tlanuwa Usdi