Tribute To The Cherokee

The rustling of the storm in the majestic trees

The trickle of the rain on the autumn leaves

The swaying of the limbs on a gentle breeze

The way the waves swell in the deep blue seas

The pounding of the drums that race through my head

As I think back to the life and times we would have had

Had they not came and in a flash stole your lives

To lose our mothers, fathers, husbands, and wives

Why did they do it, we may never know

Just remember they will reap what they sow

I cry out in anger, in heart felt tears

When I remember the way they stole our years

To see the young ones grow and prosper in love

But all you can do now is watch from above

Will the traditions live on?

Will the generations sing your song?

Will they worship the spirits of the earth and sky?

Will they know how to Pay tribute to the fallen life,

Of the Cherokee tribes?

Amanda Skaggs 8-5-2003