On a mountain, in a forest there sat
an Old Woman and her Granddaughter.
They await the sun rise.

The valley and meadows below them are
covered by a blanket of mist.
Each tree and blade of grass is adorned by dew drops,
like pure diamonds.
Every creature of the Great Earth Mother awaits the sun,
the new day, a new life.
The silence is loud.

The old woman, an Elder loved by all who know her,
draws the girl child under her blanket
and folds it around her little body.
They share the warmth of an everlasting moment of love.
The Old One speaks softly as the sun rises
in celebration of the new day.
She speaks for happiness, health,
and abundance for all People.

She sprinkles the golden corn pollen on the sweet Earth
as an offering to the Sacred Keepers
and sings her song of Beauty.

She looks into the awe filled eyes of the child and says,
"Where do you begin and I end?
Where do you end and I begin?
We are one.
We are the Circle, the Circle is All.
My thoughts are inside your thoughts.
I live there now inside you,
even when you do not see me any more.
I am with you, we are Always.

"Your Grandfathers and Grandmothers are inside of you.
They are the blood that flows through you.
They speak to you. Learn to hear them.
They pass their wisdom on to help, through you.
All people have good medicines, and they pass it
to the next generation of their people.
Only that which is pure is kept and passed on."

"Listen and bring back the values.
Honor all life, all people,
all the Earth and the Sky Nations.
You my child, are all these and more.
Remember. Remember.
Tell the Children of the People this.
Remember us around the fires,
and when you sit in the circle
and walk along these Paths.


Tell them for us."

Author Unknown