Interested In Learning More?


Whether a friend told you about Children of the Sun, or you found it on your own, or you just have an interest in learning about the traditional pre-Columbian Native American ways. Some that learn with us have a general interest in learning, while others feel the desire to take their learning and become a part of our membership ~ The Children of the Sun. Our people learn about and share the old traditional culture of our ancestors. Our main purpose is to keep the old cultural ways alive so they do not slip away. We are made up of people from all walks of life, from full blood Indians to people who have no native blood. Tribal affiliation is of no importance to us as we endeavor to study and keep the pre-Columbian culture and its beliefs alive.

This is NOT a role playing situation and we are not a cult.  We are NOT part of the rainbow people or just another "Tribe, Social Group or Confederation" that has 'popped' out of the woodwork. We seek no affiliation or recognition from the Federal Government or any State Government. Some of our members come from many nations and have practiced the old ways for a long time, in their own Tribe. We seek NO money nor do we wish to gain Any Type of monetary value from our Members, or Initiates. All we ask is that each member try their best to study and keep the pre-Columbian knowledge going so we do not lose this information, ever.

We are NOT trying to gain any type of State or Federal recognition, and NEVER will. We have members who are enrolled in their perspective Nations. We also have members who are not Indian. Everyone needs to understand that this is NOT a way to “become Indian”. We do work with many Nations and will let each individual handle their personal affiliations with their respective 'Tribes' on their own.

Each person decides how far they want to go in the learning process. You may just want to be an Initiate or work towards becoming a full Member, the decision is yours. Each individual is allowed to speak his/her mind with no censorship. No one will be forced to participate in any activity, or anything we do. If this sounds like something you would like, please contact us.