St. Joseph's Indian School

In keeping with our policy that no money will be asked for or solicited by any of our members, we would like to inform you of an Indian school where you may send any donations to.  Our elders have verified that this school is not like the ones in our history and is honorable with their treatment of the children. They encourage the children to learn their respective cultures and traditions. They work with elders from the nations in that area to come and teach the children of their native culture and maintain an authentic working Indian Museum. We have also spoken with their staff to receive their permission to post these links to their site and offer our humble thanks.
Even if you don’t have the means to donate, but feel you would like to help native people in some capacity, they accept non-monetary items such as clothes, shampoo, toothbrushes, etc. The "pressing" link is posted for these types of donations and is periodically updated. It lists the items needed on a month-to-month basis. We ask that you please look at these needs for our native children.
The Children of the Sun members would like to thank you for any help you can give these children for they are the future elders in our native culture.  NOTE: This will be the only site we will refer you to for this type of assistance.
Wado udohiyu utsati - Thank you very much

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