Special Info/Video & Links

This section deals with videos that show information of different aspects of the pre-Columbian Mound Culture. Also included are videos from a group we were asked to join. This group is made up of professionals and amateurs who study pre-Columbian cultures. Some of these people are Archaeologist, Cultural Anthropologist, PhD  Candidates, as well as Professors at different Universities. When you see the first video you will see some of the people I correspond with quite often. I hope you enjoy the videos for there is much to view and much to enjoy. -Climber 


1 - Dave Pentecost  has posted a video report on Temple XIX at the Maya site of Palenque. It was made soon after the discovery of the royal platform in 1998. He produced and edited it, Beth Nissen of ABC News reported. In the 7 minute report are interviews with Christopher Powell, David Stuart, Kirk Straight, and Mark Van Stone. It was cablecast on Discovery News.


2 - The Palenque Project.......



3 - Calculate your Birthday using the Maya Calander Link



 4 - Elaine Schele's blog about the fascinating archaeological history of the Greater Cross Group at ancient Palenque.




  5 - The Macaw Feather Project!!




 6 - Macaws bred far from tropics during pre-Columbian times !!!





7 - This is Amazing- The Third Creation from the Popol Vuh done in pictures!!  



8 - An Archaeological Site Showing Native Americans were there 10,000 years ago!!! We were here longer than that but, this shows physical evidence.




9 - Ancient stone spheres of Costa Rica - Some weighing over 10 Tons





10. Yucatan Buys Chichen Itza for 220 Million!!




11. How Did He Move The Large Stones? Could It Be That He Did Find An Ancient Secret?