pre-Columbian Shell Gorgets

 We were asked by some members to post some of our things. These are some of the shell gorgets we do, most are out of Lightning Whelks. We hope you enjoy them. All pictures are copyrighted.

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  Over the years we have sold quite a few shells. Some we do not have pictures of while others we only have a poor quality video of them. Please excuse some of the poor quality pictures as they were taken  off of that video.

 Below is the only shell that I did not use a modern tool to make the design with. We actually spent a week-end at a show scratching this design the old way. One day while looking at the shell display we noticed the shell was missing. Someone had decided they needed it more than all the people who would see the display. So here is that shell with the poor quality video picture. Please excuse. If you do see it, please contact this site. Thank you

                                                                   Figure 16




 Figure 17

Shell display of Mississippian- Adena- & Hopewell Gorgets


To show how we came up with some of the things made, we will explain this picture and this gourd rattler. It is rather obvious that the beaded raccoon on the handle of the rattler is taken from the raccoon hanging on the "pole" on the shell gorget.  If you look in the hands of each of the 'dancers' you will see a gourd rattler with a design on it. The same design is engraved on the gourd rattler below. What has happened is that one of the items shown in the design has now become a workable artifact than can be used as a teaching tool or at a ceremonial stomp. We hope you like it.

                                                        Figure 18


 Figure 19