Designs On Different Mediums

 The following shows Native American designs on different items or made out of different mediums. All pictures are copyrighted. All crafts shown here are made by Al Cortez, one of the most unique craftsman today working in many different mediums.     n.b.

A general display of Native American sculptured stone pipes, deer leg bone pins, knives, and designs cut into marble.


Sculptured marble Bird Pipe 


Black Marble Monitor Pipe with white quartzite inclusion. Also an engraved Elbow Pipe with river cane stem. 


Sculptured Greenstone Celts- very hard- nice light green inclusions. 


Creek Pottery design engraved  gourd. 


Reproduction of an Adena  burial piece of Mica.  "Duck Hawk" The Mica came from North Georgia.


Reproduction of an Adena Burial mica piece. A Warrior showing "forked-eye" design representing the Falcon. 


pre-Columbian replicated Copper Items of different designs. 


Paleo style stone spear hafted to a forshaft. 


 Pinestraw Baskets


Arrows with flint or shell points. The fletching is twisted and raised off of shaft for a straight flight. Fletching is tied on with deer sinue. 


 A marble and steatite pipe with deer leg bone horns and a quartz crystal. It is a styalized Uktena Pipe


Mississippian style regalia. This one has a nice copper headdress with hand made shell beads. A Shell blower is in his hand. circa. 1200 CE



 "Mississippian Warrior" - With Turtle shell protection on arm and chest. Deer toes on both ankles which make a nice sound when he dances.


 Mississippian Style Women's dress and leggins. Except for the necklaces the regalia is authentic.


Pottery design engraved into a nice gourd.  Caddo style design.


 A Maya friend wanted his son to have traditional regalia so made him a Maya type outfit.


The cape, with a vision serpent, complete with an ancestor's head. 


Mississippian Stone Palate original is from Moundville, Alabama.  It is two Uktena's facing each other. The stone is slate 10.5 inches diameter with 3/4 thickness.


Shell drinker with two falcons mating in air. Design is from Spiro, Oklahoma. 


Mississippian Shell Blower with a Lower Creek Pottery Design.


Large Mississippian Shell Drinker with pre-Columbian design from Spiro, Oklahoma. It is called a "Birdman Dancer" .


Large drinker shell with stylized snake design on it. The original is from Spiro, Oklahoma. The artist engraved the snake so that when you look at the shell one way you see one snake and if you look at the other side at the same time you also see one snake. It is in a figure eight with two heads. This is the only way it can show a snake on each side at the same time. Very inventive artist. Here we see one snake while the other is on the opposite side. The gorget is a Maya warrior.


 This is the "Wind Clan" design on lightning whelk shell.

Mississippian Style reproduced artifacts. A copper headdress.  The design came from a shell of a warrior from Moundville, Alabama. The gourds are carved with pottery designs. The one on the right is Creek while the other is Caddoan. Finally in the foreground is a pine straw basket.   



A helmet chonch blower shell with a pre-Columbian style killer whale and water design. 


Mississippian societies prized these Turkey Tail fans. They also used the body feathers, of the bird, to make capes worn only by the upper-class and rulers.  A beaded sun circle and cross design is on the buckskin hand grip.


Pre-Columbian Creek pottery design engraved into this marble bowl and lid.



Marble pestle and mortor with a Creek pottery design on it.