Grandfather & The Mound

Late one night I walked up on a Mound
and I sat on the ground.
My Grandfather to me he did appear.
He said "Son wipe away your tear,
for you sit on sacred land,
come with me and take my hand,
my son".
Music and sounds they filled all the air.
Many people were gathered there.
They were dressed in their ancient attire.
We danced all night around the Fire.
The songs were of  long ago,
some of the words I did not know.
He said: "Listen close to me,
you are not the only one,
many listen with their ears and head,
You listen with your heart instead".
And so when you walk up on a Mound,
and sit down on sacred ground,
reach out with an open heart and hand,
and the ancient ways you'll understand.
                                                                                   Al C.