Prayers To The Wind

Many people say "How do you pray
when life seems to go all array"?
I say you give your prayers to the Wind.
Then I see the questions in their eyes,
They look at me as though I told a thousand lies.
It is then that I will say,
Look at it another way,
For I know you give your prayers to the Wind.
For the Wind takes your prayers to the Eagles waiting there,
And they carry them high into the sky
And give them to the One waiting there
And He sends us His love on the wings of His Dove,
Who fly to us on His Wind.
It was long ago at the dawn of creation I know,
when all was a mist below
Into the air He gently blew there
and away the Wind did go.
It cleared up the land
Where our people did stand.
And now you know
where our prayers go,
when you give them all to the Wind.
                                              Al C.