Have you ever listened to the snow fall, gently softly to the ground?
Covering all with a robe of silence, sparklin' tinklin' all around.
Have you counted all the raindrops as they skittered about in play?
Washing cleaning all the green things, restoring to all on it's way.
And have you taken the time to hear the grass grow?
Each blade slowly pushing upward, graceful, stately, in a row.
Surely you've heard the song of angels gathered around us as we pray.
They always sing to us in the evening, but have you heard them in the day?
I know the angles sing to us in the evening but have you listened for them in the day?
Have you heard the sound of the flowers as they burst forth from the buds?
Sending out a spray of fragrance, pleasing teasing like bubbly suds.
I'm sure you have heard the wings of the butterfly's pulsing out their merry tune.
Dancing prancing in the sunlight, on a lovely day in June.
So each time we smell a flower, see a raindrop, hear the snow,
we only have to look up, and we will surely know.
That all the lovely things around us, are a sample of the best,
for at the Golden Gate of Heaven we will all be truly blessed.

Al C. & Jean E. Wyne