The Wind & The Turtle

Let me tell you a story of long ago,
There once was a Turtle in a flied of grass,
The grass was tall, a Savannah, you know.
Along came the Wind and saw the Turtle below.
She said; "Hurry up tiny turtle, we must go,
for the grass is on fire, which you could not know".
So the Wind guided the Turtle along her way,
and when they reached a pond the Wind did say
"I like your fine colors on your tiny shell,
I'm glad you listened to what I had to tell".
The fire burned around them and they both were well.
The Turtle thanked the Wind and the Wind did say,
"I think I'll travel with you along your way."
And they still travel together to this day.
Savannah Wind and Turtle are my grand-daughters, you know
and as they travel through life's many woes,
They will have each other for help along the way,
They will make my life much brighter, for me, each day!

Written: Oct 1, 2000 on my Grand-daughter's 4th Birthday Al C.