Can You Identify The Native Americans?

There are many people who we have heard say: "You do not look Indian!" to many different people. We also have heard that all Indians have black hair and look alike. All Indians have the same facial features as they all came from the same place. They all came from over the Bering Straits and are of the Mongolian race, so they have flat wide faces and resemble the Mongolians. Television and Movies have started this ball rolling and then the public has kept it going because " I saw it in the Movies so, it has to be true!" If you go to some of the popular Reservations you will see the Indians wearing war bonnets and feathers everywhere, even when they did NOT do this in antiquity they have too so these comments will not be said. Even archaeologist have jumped upon this band-wagon. They are the ones who prepose a typical type of the way Native Americans look. Shame on you all! No race is where all of the members look alike. If this was so it would be a boring world for sure.

Below are pictures of Full blood Indians and some NON-Indians. Some may be non-Indians in Indian regalia. We decided to stay away from Native people who are NOT full blood so there would be no comments like: "Well he/she is not full blood so can not look indian'."  If you think you know what our people look like then please take the quiz and see how well you do. We challenge you! Take the quiz and send the answers to: Contact Us at the bottom of the page on the left. We will mail you the answers and who these people are.


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