Adena - Hopewell Artifacts







Excellent Example of an Original Pipe "Otter With A Fish In It's Mouth" - Hopewell



Adena/Hopewell Style Falcon Effigy Pipe



Otter - original Hopewell Effigy Pipe



Traditional Hopewell Pottery Design



Adena/Hopewell original -  "Water cougar" design on the rim of pottery


Adena - Hopewell  - Raccoon and Falcon pipes



 Original Sandstone Adena Plate'






Hopewell Designs



Adena - Miamisburg Mound - Largest Conical Mound In Ohio


        Artist Conception Of Hopewell Regalia


Adena - Hopewell Slate Artifacts


Hopewell - Ohio - Newark Earthworks  - One of the most Impressive Accomplishments of an astronomy minded culture. You have heard of the Pyramids in Egypt. But, have you heard of this?



What Happens If you Overlay A Water Spider Design On Top Of The Newark Earthworks?  Interesting?  Actually Amazing!!


Adena - Hopewell Mica Hand


Hopewell Artifact - It Is Probably A Dancers Bear Regalia


The Adena Hopewell Used Materials Traded From Far And Wide - Mica, Copper, and 

all kinds of Stones for grinding into items.

A Copper Artifact of The Adena-Hopewell


Adena - Hopewell Crane Pipe