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Notice: As of March 2012 -The Gallery has been closed.

Pictures can not be added. The post and pictures that are left there are many weeks old and most of the people have left our Membership.


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We will NOT tolerate any type of postings in the Forum/Gallery  pictures of a sexual nature. This includes vulgar statements and ones which are 'questionable' in their nature. We have children, and grandchildren of members who come here to learn, so keep it clean.

We will NOT entertain any type of protest against the Federal Government in any shape or form. If you want to join AIM, (American Indian Movement), or any other political group, do it outside this site and DO NOT try to recruit new members here.

We will NOT entertain any discussion in the chat room or posts of a political nature. We have a diversity of political views here and this would only cause problems. We have seen it happen in other places, let us all see that it does not happen here.

We will not entertain any discussion of money for any item made by our people. We were taught and were not charged! This is the way it will be! If you need to talk, please contact us.